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The intro makes this song. Honestly, a lot of people find it strange that Rihanna is one of my favorite artists, that I identify with her so much. Maybe that kind of masochistic love seems wrong considering her history, but I’m not here to judge her and how she applies her principles. All I can say is her music with it’s boldness, it’s pure unapologetic sex, and it’s angry, passionate love that bites has been the theme to a lot of my life. Rihanna —or whoever writes her music perhaps— is a person who would rather be the villain than the victim. She’d rather be hated than pitied. I think strong, stubborn women can appreciate that. I always have. Sometimes women have to be hard until they are ready to be soft and vulnerable, on their own terms. The shield they put up gives em time to remove themselves a bit from being hypersensitive to the world, which hurts. Eventually, I think the strongest of women learn that being strong doesn’t mean you have to growl like a tiger at everyone, all the time. But I think part of realizing your strength is flexing those muscles, scaring people away, standing with your head up high, talking shit, and backing it up. Sometimes I think strong women need to know they could tear the entire world down with their bare hands. Then on the brink of going through with it  the true test will be knowing you have the power to destroy can you instead laugh, let it go, and walk away. Rihanna isn’t there yet. She still wants to make the world tremble. She still feels the need to channel the anger, it’s too much to swallow. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the same place, though. I really think you have to be hard and destructive, before you can be soft and gentle. Her music sings those conflicts. She might be struggling, but she’s still a storm. Don’t fuck with it. 

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"How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being."

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24 Jul 14 at 5 pm

You get dumped and you can’t even be that mad because the girl you got dumped for is a bamf possibly cooler than the guy you like. I mean if he didn’t wife her up shoot I might’ve swooped. Not really but still sometimes I think I’d like to but I cant hate on a lady like that. After all in another life…

as Frida talked about she could have been the friend to embrace my bizarre & make my strange feel alright
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& insults the way I look, tells me im not even that pretty like that should really get me in the gut, I gotta laugh. I know im not pretty. It wasnt pretty that got you to approach me. It wasn’t pretty that kept your interest. It wasn’t pretty that you lusted after. It was something you cant knock down or take away. Even when I try my hardest, ill still look like a plain average Jane. You might hear that and think its one of the most self-deprecating statements but then you have made the incorrect assumption that I give a serious damn about the way I look. I try, sure. But I have never and could never rest on my appearance. Why should I? I got something ill still have when im fucking 80. You think it will make you feel better to convince yourself youre too hot for me. You probably are. I could be the image that pops up when you search fugly in Google and you’d still want me. Sorry that bothers you that I expect something more of you than a pretty face. Sorry your soul is crusty and kinda dank and I dont want it just cause its wrapped in those cheek bones and dark eyes. I am sorry your biological hotness does not get you very far, with me. But youre giving yourself away. Trust me, i know the power of beautiful women. They are magic. Even i cant help but stare. If you came to me, thats not what you were after. And the “youre not even that pretty” move doesnt work in my game. No. No im not that pretty. And ?You still want my validation and youre still throwing a tantrum when you dont get it. Work harder at things that matter, pretty boy. I can see you crave more than looks. if you’d step outside your comfort zone, there’s nothing you couldn’t have, myself included. Fuck your face. Be the guy I see you are scared to be because it requires more effort, requires a realness you prob never knew with that pretty hair and shiny teeth. You think im rejecting you but i might be the first person to expect anything of you, an effort I reserve for the special ones. When you care too much about the way you look, youre easy to hit. Step it up. I know you can. I dare you to hit me somewhere I can actually feel it.

… have obviously never been raped. Neither do they have the basic human empathy to realize that rape should not be in any punchline ever. I have no words for the anger I feel. :(

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no why

a marshmallow is squished beneath the weight of knowledge

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"Don’t mistake activity with achievement."


ladies, if a guy doesn’t eat pussy but still expects to get his dick sucked… laugh right in his face. laugh as you put your clothes back on. leave the room in the midst of your laughter. go home while laughing. keep laughing for the rest of your life. never stop laughing.

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